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The wheel of a child's stroller is more important than the shock

Now the front wheels of children's strollers are universal, of course, there are some split-stroller four wheels are universal, but also can be converted into directional.

Turning to the flexible cart is very easy to carry out, will not be hard and ground friction, so the baby is more comfortable, does not affect the baby. One of the factors influencing the turn of a child's cart wheel is design or quality, and the other is the proper installation of our parents.

Child's wheel safety

Now many children's wheels are removable, and are plug and play installation, the operation is very simple. As long as the lock coupled with the usual lock to avoid knocking, the general will not be a problem.

So that the choice of counter genuine children's stroller, the quality and after-sale on the more secure, not just look at the price and color. This concept of purchase is very important, after all, relates to the actual use of safety factors.

Summary: Relative to the suspension, the children's stroller wheel shock and safety is more important, so when the parents and mothers in the purchase of the wheel must be the focus of inspection.

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